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We combine our two favorite indulgences - alcohol and ice cream - into delicious ice cream with attitude. Because a little bourbon won't hurt. We hope you enjoy our intoxicating handcrafted delights.
Our Founder
My journey with ice cream making began in my kitchen here in Austin, where I was inspired by the nostalgia of my childhood years spent baking alongside my mom. Perhaps due to my background in science and technology I was especially intrigued by the science of ice cream making. I attended Penn State University's 120-year-old ice cream program in order to discover everything I could about the many nuances of ice cream. I've spent years mastering the craft of infusing spirits into ice cream for the most delicious flavors imaginable.


Pure simple delicious ice creams and vegan sorbets made in small batches, with a boozy kick. We start with the finest ingredients and craft our ice creams entirely from scratch in our kitchen from local fresh milk, cream, eggs and sugar. We pasteurize our ice cream base in order to ensure the source and freshness of every ingredient that goes into our ice cream. This enables us to individualize every flavor, which allows us to be infinitely creative!



Yes please! We serve craft cocktails, beer and wine. Enjoy one of our classic creations or your own favorites.

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